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DIY car maintenance or repairs? 7 tools you have to know

Nowadays, many car owners like to “fiddle with” their car more and more. While saving money, it also enhances the relationship with the car and brings a sense of achievement to themselves.

Nowadays, many car owners like to “fiddle with” their car more and more. While saving money, it also enhances the relationship with the car and brings a sense of achievement to themselves. But in the face of all kinds of maintenance tools for cars, do you know their names? How to use it correctly? Today, I will list some of the most commonly used car maintenance tools in simple maintenance


maintenance tools for cars


1. Open End Wrench

This is the most common type of wrench, and because the width of the opening of this wrench cannot be adjusted, it also has a cute name called "dumb wrench". The width of the commonly used open end wrench is between 6mm and 24mm. For this tool, a complete set of tools is recommended, to deal with various bolts during the maintenance process. 


Open End Wrench


2. Adjustable Wrench

The most remarkable feature of the adjustable wrench is that the width of the opening can be adjusted freely within a certain range. However because of its "big head", it is not very flexible to use. Its specifications are made according to its maximum opening width, and the common ones are 100mm, 200mm, 250mm, etc.


Like the open-end wrench, the adjustable wrench is also not suitable for screwing thick high-torque bolts. It should be noted that the fixed jaw should be placed on the side with greater force, otherwise the pressure generated by the screwing will damage the movable jaw and make the adjustable wrench useless.


adjustable Wrench


3. Ring Spanner


The name comes from the shape of the wrench head. Generally, it appears in sets, mostly 6-piece sets and 8-piece sets. The ring spanner has 6 or 12 corners in the hole, which can firmly "enclose" the bolt, so it can effectively avoid slippage, with a higher strength than an open-end wrench and can withstand higher torque. However, the disadvantage of the ring spanner is obvious, it is not easy to fit in and take out, so the use is also limited.


Ring Spanner


4. Socket Wrench


A socket wrench does not actually refer to a specific tool, but a general term for a whole set of tools. In general, they include sockets, socket adapters, universal joints, long extension bars, short extension bars, sliding bars, spinner handle, ratchet wrench etc.


The socket can be applied as different wrench tools through the combination of the socket connector and different handle connecting rods. Its variable characteristics also determine that in different torques and spaces, the best combination of wrenches must be selected. Change in different cases, otherwise the socket wrench will lose its meaning.


Tips for use: Although the ratchet wrench can screw the bolt without changing the angle of the wrench, it still cannot withstand excessive torque. Overload use will damage the internal ratchet structure of the wrench.


Socket Wrench


5. Slip Joint Pliers / Groove Joint Pliers


Compared with long nose pliers, slip joint pliers are larger in size. The jaws are flat and fine-toothed. Whether in daily life or in car maintenance, they are frequently used. The specifications are generally 165mm(6”) and 200mm(8”). Since the teeth of the slip joint pliers are relatively thin and deep, when working on the wearing parts, it’s better to wrap the parts with cloth to avoid damage to the surface.


Tips for use: Slip joint pliers can be used to screw some small bolts instead of wrenches.


5. Slip Joint PliersGroove Joint Pliers


6. Hex Key Wrench Set

Hex key wrench is also commonly known as "hexagonal wrench", usually with a size of 3mm-27mm, and is often used when disassembling and assembling car parts such as doors, interiors, lampshades


Tips for use: Since the hex key wrench is very thin and small, it should not be too rough during operation, and it is not allowed to lengthen the wrench to avoid deformation and damage of the wrench.


Hex Key Wrench Set


7. Long Nose Pliers

Long nose pliers, as the name suggests, have a long head when the jaws are closed. The size is expressed by the length of the pliers. We usually use a 160mm(6’’) size. There is a blade in the middle of the pliers, which can cut wires. It is suitable for operation in small spaces.


Tips for use: Do not apply excessive pressure on the top of the jaws to clamp hard objects in case of deformation of the jaws and the failure to close properly.


Long Nose Pliers

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