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How long is the service life of a tool cabinet?

When using the tool cabinets, how long is the service life of a tool cabinet?

Many customers who buy tool cabinets are very concerned about the use time of the tool cabinets. Usually, when purchasing, they will take the initiative to ask the manufacturer about it.  Then when using the tool cabinets, how long is the service life of a tool cabinet?

To check the use time of a tool cabinet, you first need to know the raw materials to produce tool cabinet. A qualified raw material is very important for the use time of the tool cabinet. A tool cabinet made of good raw materials will last a long time, but with poorer quality raw materials, the opposite is true.

The use time of the tool cabinet is also closely related to the maintenance of the tool cabinet in daily life. In the process of use, how to use it properly, how to prevent the tool cabinet from damage and how to maintain the tool cabinet are all key elements to keep a tool cabinet for longer period of time. Therefore, daily maintenance is necessary.

Toward a tool cabinet, unprofessional people can only see that it is iron products, in short, it is a cabinet, a relatively high-end cabinet while professionals will do like this: 
①Pull out the drawer and press it to see if the load-bearing capacity of the drawer can meet the standard; 
②Open the door and shake it, then close it and open it again, and see if it is smooth, so that you can know whether there is a problem with the door lock; 
③Check whether there is any scratch on the appearance. It may be easy to rust after being scratched

load bearing tool cabinet

Load-bearing is the core of the tool cabinet. What you must know when purchasing a tool cabinet is the load-bearing range of each layer of the tool cabinet. Looking at the appearance of the tool cabinet only cannot help indeed to know the load-bearing range. In order to know the load-bearing, you must know the thickness of the laminate, the maximum load-bearing capacity of each layer, and the safety factor. The tool cabinets used in general workshops have relatively high load-bearing requirements, and load-bearing is also an important factor to distinguish the quality of tool cabinets. This is also an important difference between factory furniture and office furniture. The price of office furniture is definitely much cheaper than factory furniture. Considering the load-bearing, you can look at the thickness of the guide rails of the drawer, the quality of the bearing, and the thickness of the material used for the drawer.

load bearing tool cabinet

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