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FIXMAN Combination Pliers
FIXMAN Combination Pliers provide maximum productivity and are perfect for the toughest jobsites. The wide jaw pliers make grabbing and twisting wire easy, while the crimper provides you with added functionality when working with both insulated and non-insulated terminals. The wire cutter, wire stripper, and loop maker allow you to make quick wire preparation.


Item No.: A0502-A0504
Size: 6’’, 7’’, 8’’
L: 165mm, 180mm, 210mm
H: 10.5mm, 11.5mm, 12mm 
W: 62.5mm
W1: 22mm, 24.5mm, 28.5mm
A1: 13mm, 15mm, 13mm
A2: 7.5mm, 12.5mm, 18mm
Qty/CTN: 72pcs



1. Ideal for gripping, clamping, cutting, wire stripping, hand repair work etc.
2. Ergonomic design for a more comfortable and enjoyable working experience.
3. Made of high quality CR-V steel, offers better strength and durability.
4. Specially hardened cutting edges, easier cutting, powerful gripping, easier bending and stripping thanks to optimized leverage.
5. Chrome satin finish provides rust and corrosion resistance.
6. Soft handles and a flared end ensure a firm and comfortable use with minimized effort.



FIXMAN Combination Pliers are High quality tools to hold, grip, bend and cut any hard and soft workpieces

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