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Roller Cabinet F5SRP7B 7-Drawer FIXMAN
With beautiful and elegant, ergonomic design, FIXMAN F5SRP7B 7-Drawer Roller Cabinet is suitable for auto repair shops, garages, maintenance enthusiasts, accessory expansion function, convenient to expand storage space. Full double wall construction feature two full layers of heavy duty steel provide strength and durability. Side perforated panels provide an extension tools and accessories placed. Equipped with a variety of top cabinets to choose from to increase storage space.


Item No.: F5SRP7B
-5 x Small drawers, size: 533x391x58mm, Load: 25Kg
-1 x Medium drawer, size: 533x391x128mm, Load: 35Kg
-1 x Large drawer, size: 533x391x195mm, Load: 35Kg
-2 x Fixed, 2 x Castors(1 with brake)
Cabinet Weight: 57Kg
Cabinet Size: 766x465x958mm

Product Description of Roller Cabinet 7-Drawer
-central locking system
-tool modular identify
-all drawers on telescopic full-extension ball-bearing slides open and close easier as load increases
-Drawer release mechanism incorporated within the handle, to prevent accidental drawer opening.
-Heavy duty wheels 125mm diameter for easy crossing of obstacles. Two fixed wheels and two castors with brake
-Full range accessories available

The worktop of roller cabinet multifunction hardware is made of high-strength engineering plastic, integration of injection molding. And the handle adopts soft rubber integral injection molding process.
The worktable is equipped with troughs for holding small parts.

Protective Strips
The roller cabinet repair is with anti-shock protection on all four corners. They can absorb the impact in the collision, so as to effectively protect the damage caused by accidental collision in the process of use.

Central Locking System
The new tubular central lock of roller cabinet 7-drawer improves the key's resistance to breaking and the working life of the lock. The lock is set on the side of the roller cabinet to prevent the key from breaking accidentally or interfering with the drawer.

Drawer of Roller Cabinet 7-Drawer
Small drawer
Size:533X391X58mm, Load:25kg
Medium drawer
Size:533X391X128mm, Load;35kg
Large drawer
Size:533X391X195mm, Load:35kg

There are three kinds of drawers with different height, which can be combined freely to meet the needs of storing various kinds of tools or parts with different volume in actual use.
Drawer size can match freely according to demand.

Drawer Slides of Roller Cabinet 7-Drawer
Superimposed ball bearing slide rails are adopted on both sides of the drawer to provide good smoothness and prolong the service life of the slide rails. Lengthen extend the distance to make drawer can pull out completely, increased the convenience that take with article.
The slide can withstand more than 40,000 times of pulling.

Self-locking System
Each roller cabinet multifunction hardware drawer is equipped with an independent anti-slip self-locking system to prevent the drawer from slipping out accidentally in the process of use, to ensure the safety of users.

Mesh Board
Both sides of the roller cabinet 7-drawer are set with mesh plate, with hooks can be suspended tools, reduce the trouble of frequently opening drawers when using, increase the storage area of the roller cabinet.

Heavy Duty Wheels – Each Wheel Can Load 150kgs
Using 125mm large diameter PU wheels, with good silence effect, cold resistance and corrosion resistance, moreover can easily overcome obstacles.
Ball bearing core ensures using life and high bearing capacity.
2*fixed,2*castors with brake, Each wheel can load 150kgs.

Loading Capacity
Single roller cabinet 7-drawer can load 600 kgs

roller cabinet 7-drawer + accessories=workstation
We provide all kinds of accessories matching with the roller cabinet. Extended the use functions. Accessories include panel, drawer divider, shelf, paper roll holder, file holder, bottle holder, trash can, hook, etc, which is convenient for users to purchase on demand.
Please purchase the accessories separately.

Mesh Hanging Board
It can be installed on the workbench of the roller cabinet to extend the space. Meanwhile it is easy to install and can be used with the hook.
Size: single mesh hanging board 652x305x55mm, double mesh hanging boards 652x610x55mm.

Drawer Divider
Can be inserted in the partition slot, the drawer is divided into multiple areas, convenient
storage of various types of tools and small parts.
Size:396. 5x54x1mm.

Documents Holder
Can be installed on the side mesh plate of the roller cabinet, easy to install.
Used to store paper documents, such as drawings, technical manuals, etc.
Size: 250x265X76mm.

Compartment Shelf with Paper Roll Holder
Can be installed on the side mesh plate of the roller cabinet, easy to install.
Used for temporary storage of removed small parts, the following paper roll holder can be suspended.
Size: 305x305x145mm.

Can be installed on the side mesh plate of the roller cabinet repair. Used for temporary suspension of various tools. Increased roller cabinet repair storage space.

Can be installed on the side mesh plate of the roller cabinet repair, easy to install. :
For storage of non-liquid waste generated during work.
Size: 300X300x 190mm.

Bottle Holder
Can be installed on the side mesh plate of the roller cabinet repair, easy to install.
Used for storing bottle - shaped objects, such as antirust oil, rust remover, cleaning agent, etc.
Size: 250x1 10x80mm.

Usage Scenarios
FIXMAN roller cabinet repair products are well received at domestic and abroad, Bring quality, efficient, durable, safe use experience for the global industry, auto repair, home users.

Packing & logistics
Roller cabinet repair for the sale of empty cabinet, such as configuration tools and accessories, please purchase as required.

Thickened honeycomb carton, multiple shock absorption packaging, each equipped with a pallet, ensure that the goods will be delivered to your hands intact!
To support environmental protection, FIXMAN uses recycled carton packaging, Love the earth, love you more!

Roller Cabinet Supplier - FIXMAN

FIXMAN is professional roller cabinet supplier and roller cabinet tool chest manufacturer. The FIXMAN brand was founded in 2006,  focuses on tool manufacturing and services in the fields of industrial maintenance, auto repair, construction and decoration. The product line covers ergonomic design roller cabinet, high load-bearing capacity workbench and big capacity garage storage. Bring quality, efficient, durable, safe use experience for the global industry, auto repair, home users.

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