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Roller Cabinet Auto Repair 7-Drawer F1RM7 FIXMAN
With beautiful and elegant, ergonomic design, FIXMAN F1RM7 7-Drawer Roller Cabinet is suitable for auto repair shops, garages, maintenance enthusiasts, accessory expansion function, convenient to expand storage space. Full double wall construction feature two full layers of heavy duty steel provide strength and durability. Side perforated panels provide an extension tools and accessories placed.

Specification of garage roller cabinet 7-drawer


Features of garage roller cabinet 7-drawer


•Locking system: central lock to keep and lock bars to stop drawers from sliding out and lock the tool box 
•Durable table: top quality stainless steel worktop and full double-layer steel structure
•Side panel protection: anti-shock when unexpected collision happens
•Heavy duty wheels: 125mm, 2*fixed,2*castors with brake, Each wheel can load 150kgs


Application of garage roller cabinet 7-drawer


This roller cabinet auto repair 7-drawer can be used anywhere where a wide selection of tools and accessories need to be stored and transported easily. It's suitable for workshop, garage, auto repair shop, warehouse etc. 


Advantages of garage roller cabinet 7-drawer


1. The new tubular central lock improves the key's resistance to breaking and the working life of the lock.The lock is set on the side of the roller cabinet to prevent the key from breaking accidentally or interfering with the drawer。
2. There are three kinds of drawers with different height, which can be combined freely to meet theneeds of storing various kinds of tools or parts with different volume in actual use.
3. Each drawer is equipped with an independent anti-slip self-locking system to prevent the drawer fromslipping out accidentally in the process of use, to ensure the safety of users.
4. The roller cabinet is with anti-shock protection on all four corners. They can absorb the impact in thecollision, so as to effectively protect the damage caused by accidental collision in the process of use.
5. Both sides of the roller cabinet are set with mesh plate, with hooks can be suspended tools, reduce thetrouble of frequently opening drawers when using, increase the storage area of the roller cabinet
6. Using 160mm large diameter PU wheels, with good silence effect, cold resistance and corrosionresistance, moreover can easily overcome obstacles
7. Ball bearing core ensures using life and high bearing capacity


Garage roller cabinet 7-drawer supplier - FIXMAN


The FIXMAN brand was founded in 2006, and its parent company  Ningbo Jiejie Tools Co., Ltd was founded in 1995, which is a national high-tech enterprise featuring in the leading products as tool cabinet, roller cabinet, tool trolley ,tool box and storage equipment. With powerful capabilities in technical development, resource organization and plan implementation, the enterprise has established wide collaboration with international partners. Based upon the production of tool containers and storage & office equipments, the enterprise is dedicated to technical innovation and market exploration so as to satisfy the requirements of enterprises during their development period.


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