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Roller Tool Chest Multifunction 8-Drawer F1RP8 FIXMAN
The FIXMAN Roller Tool Chest 8-Drawer F1RP8 is a universal helper in the workshop and garage. The robust metal frame makes the trolley almost indestructible and thanks to the four large and smooth-running rollers it is easy to transport.

multifunction roller cabinet tool chest


ABS one package forming integrated ergonomic handle, comfortable and durable.

Worktop load 450 kg

Design of multi - cell parts storage tank

Plastic Worktop

Metal Worktop

Two worktop of F1 series can be choosed.

Brand LOGO metal brushed aluminum

F1 Drawer tool identi-fication card

Central locking system provides security.

Drawer release mechanism incorporated within the handle, to prevent acidental drawer opening.

Full extension ball bearing drawer slides.

Left side mesh siding, F1 accessories can be extended.

Heavy duty wheels : 4 wheels 125mm di-ameter: 2 fixed and 2 castors (1 with brake)

Anti-shock Protection on all four corners.


Essential details for the roller cabinet steel mobile cart


Product Name

Multifunction 8-Drawer Roller Tool Chest

Item No.






Packing Volume


Body Size


5xSmall Drawers Size


3xMedium Drawers Size



φ125mm 2xFixed,2xCastors(1with brake)


Features of multifunction 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chest

1. The worktop is made of high-strength engineering plastic,Integration of injection molding.And the handle adopts soft rubber integral injection molding process

2. The worktable is equipped with troughs for holding small parts

3. The roller cabinet is with anti-shock protection on all four corners. They can absorb the impact in the collision, so as to effectively protect the damage caused by accidental collision in the process of use.

4. The new tubular central lock improves the key's resistance to breaking and the working life of the lock.The lock is set on the side of the roller cabinet to prevent the key from breaking accidentally or interfering with the drawer

5. There are three kinds of drawers with different height, which can be combined freely to meet theneeds of storing various kinds of tools or parts with different volume in actual use

6. Drawer size can match freely according to demand

7. Each drawer is equipped with an independent anti-slip self-locking system to prevent the drawer fromslipping out accidentally in the process of use, to ensure the safety of users


Advantages of 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chest


An 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chest is a great way to organize and store your tools. With eight drawers, you can easily keep all of your tools organized and within reach. The cabinets are also very sturdy and can withstand heavy use.

There are many advantages to using an 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chest. 

1. 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chests are an excellent way to keep your tools organized. With eight drawers, you can easily categorize your tools and keep them within easy reach. 

2. 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chests are very sturdy and can withstand heavy use. This is ideal for those who work with their hands on a regular basis or for those who have a lot of heavy duty tools. 

3. 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chests are very mobile and can be easily moved around your workspace as needed. 

4. 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chests come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any need you may have.


Applications of 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chest


There are also a number of different applications for an 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chest. For example, they can be used in garages, workshops, or even in commercial kitchens. They are also a great option for those who need extra storage in their home office or den. No matter what your needs may be, an 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chest is sure to meet them.


Multifunction 8-drawer roller cabinet tool chest supplier - FIXMAN


As a professional supplier of multifunction 8-drawer roller cabinets, FIXMAN has always adhered to the high-level and high-standard quality and service concept, treated people with sincerity and continuous innovation, and has now become a benchmark enterprise in the domestic tool industry.


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