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FIXMAN Adjustable Wrench
FIXMAN Adjustable Wrench allows the users to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts with various sizes. It’s made of high-grade steel for more strength and durability. Their highly resistant hardened jaws are designed to perform well in high pressure situations.


Item No.: B0101-B0103
Size: 6’’, 8’’, 10’’
L: 158mm, 208mm, 258mm
H: 13.5mm, 17mm, 20.5mm
H1: 9.8mm, 11.3mm, 14mm
W: 29mm, 35mm, 42mm
W1: 45mm, 56mm, 66mm
A: 19.5mm, 24.5mm, 30.5mm
B: 18.5mm, 24mm, 28.5mm



1.Drop forged, high grade steel ensures strength and durability 
2.Ergonomic design for a more comfortable and pleasant work experience. 
3.High-quality carbon steel head and high resistance hardened jaw ensures perfect performance in high pressure situations
4.Fiberglass handle, The soft handle with a flared end ensure a firm and comfortable operation, reduced vibration and slipping, the exclusive tempered rim reduces the risk of chipping.



FIXMAN Adjustable Wrench is generally used for gripping fasteners, such as nuts and bolts.

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